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Want Miss Wyoming or Miss Wyoming’s Outstanding Teen at your next event?

Contact us today to book one of our state titleholders for a public or private event by emailing or filling out this form!

Both young women have experience in public speaking on a national platform in front of thousands of people on stage.  They can speak on various topics including their social impact statement, or platform as well as be a keynote speaker discussing life of service, tales from their experiences competing for a state and national title, and empowerment for young women across the state.  They also promote Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as a national brand ambassador through Miss America for the state of Wyoming. Have a topic in mind? We are happy to work individually with businesses, organizations and leaders to create a public address that fits your specific needs.

Our titleholders also have talent they would love to showcase.  Beck Bridger is a vocalist who performed a rendition of “At Last” on stage at Miss America. Taylor Greig is an accomplished dancer competing at the national stage for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen as well as a being a member private dance studio competing across America.

In addition to public addresses, both young women are available for FUN events including; judging talent competitions, providing help at non-profit events, selling raffle tickets, presenting awards, guest appearances at fundraising events, model for retail stores and helping YOU promote your organization or business.

Miss Wyoming requires $100 booking fee.  We do not charge to attend any public school, preschool or educational event.  Contact us for more information on a reduced fee for non-profit events.  These fees support travel and supplies for appearances. All public appearances will be advertised on their social media channels.

Learn more about Becky Bridger and Taylor Greig online and follow them #missamericawy and @missamericawy, #maoteenwy and @maoteenwy


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